Today's digital world gives contractors access to many new tools for building their business.

There are various types of credit cards too that cater to specific demographics and come with different perks, interest rates, and spending limits. Credit cards, loans, and other financial products are similar to insurance products in that they are typically commoditized and many people are qualified to receive them. A candidate for plastic surgery can generate a lot of income so doctors definitely see the value in acquiring local leads.

Today's digital world gives contractors access to many new tools for building their business. But are they taking advantage?

Converting leads may be easier with financial products than other expensive items which require a monetary transaction at the point of sale. Highly litigious markets like the United States can be a treasure trove for legal lead generation due to the high volume of lawsuits per month and an abundance of lawyers. The legal leads niche encompasses a wide variety of fields from traffic law to family, criminal, health care, and intellectual property. There are so many sub-niches that you can choose to specialize in a certain field within a specific geographic market. Since we formed Leads 2 Trade back in 2006 the digital lead generation market has changed enormously, however, there are some things that are constant and Lead Quality has to be right at the top of that list.

Pay-per-click services that advertise addiction treatment can help a drug rehab organization find patients and yield a significant return. Social media can be leveraged to find and listen to individuals in need of help, guiding them with meaningful content and information resources. Senior care and assisted living is a fast-growing industry especially as baby boomers are in the process of mylasermarketing retiring. High conversation rates or high value of sales (e.g. big-ticket items, specialized services). Home services companies need to realize that once a lead comes in, they need to jump on that lead and get service scheduled within the first five minutes. No matter how “online” and computer-based your business might be, human interaction is still something that can’t be avoided...


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